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 Interview de David Candland (Originale)
posté Apr 11 2009, 20:28
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Ceci est la version originale (Anglaise) de notre interview avec David Candland.
Retrouvez la traduction à  cette page : Interview (FR)

# 1 - Before you begin, tell us about yourself.
How long have you been a UI Designer and what's the purpose of this work ?

I’ve been doing graphic design in one form or another since high school. My passion has always been art and computer games – the two things my father told me I would never make any money doing. My High school aptitude tests told me that I would make a good graphic designer. I figured any career where I could create both art and money sounded good to me. I got my associates degree in graphic design at BYU Idaho and then got my BFA from the Art Center College of design in Pasadena. Although my major was graphics and packaging, my emphasis was on interactive design.

This landed me a job at Microsoft making Edutainment CD-ROMs. After the internet started taking off, I started working on the online versions of these titles. After that, I did web sites over at Sierra and HomeGrocer.com. About the time HomeGrocer went under and let us all go, Bungie got bought by Microsoft, relocated to my home town of Redmond and posted an opening for a web site designer. Being a long fan of Bungie since Marathon came out in the early ‘90s, I was ecstatic. I landed the job and created several bungie sites (the 7th column, Bungie Support, Bungie Store, the Myth codex, etc.) I also redesigned Bungie.com and Bungie.net. You can visit cached internet sites like the wayback machine to see some of my old work.

About the time we were wrapping up Halo, my boss, Max Hoberman approached me and since I was the only UI designer on the team at the time, asked me if I would make the jump from the web to the Xbox and put together the Halo UI. From then on, that’s been the bulk of my work.

# 2 - Since its first version (Alpha), how many different Main Menu scenarios have appeared in Halo3?
Halo 3 has only had the two scenarios. In the Alpha and Beta, we used a flythrough of Valhalla because it was a multiplayer test, so a campaign scenario wasn’t suitable. It also kept the downloads smaller, because we were re-using assets from the playable map.

# 3 - How do you achieve them? Do you use some programs in particular ?
Our environments are built and textured in 3D studio Max. Once it is imported into a proprietary format our game understands, I am able to place objects using Sapien – our level editor. People that have played with the tools that shipped with Halo 2 PC have had a chance to play around with this.
The menus that overlay the scenario are designed in Photoshop and assembled using Guerilla – our tag editor, using a combination of content, animations and custom code to make everything behave properly. Tags are the basic component that our game uses to define content properties. Again, people with Halo 2 PC are able to tool around with Guerilla and get a taste of the tool (aka “my pain”), to see what a day in the life of a Bungie designer is like.

# 4 - We know some people have successfully removed the "Blue Filter" from the Main Menu and it has been reproduced on Halo 3. It must be admitted that the result is very beautiful... So why put this filter that seems to "mess up" some points ?
Well, I had originally tried it that way, but from a design standpoint it competed with the typography and made it hard to read. It was also visually busy once the UI was laid over the environment. The blue filter was a way to move your focus from the background to the menus while increasing legibility.

# 5 - During the Beta, many emblem backgrounds were present (A returned cross, two degraded stripes...), Not forgetting those from Halo 2 that were there. Why did you remove/replace them and reduce the number ?
If you remember matchmaking in Halo 2, you may recall a few popular emblems that were constructed to appear quite phallic or otherwise crude. Trying to avoid this in the future, I commissioned some of the dirtiest minds at Bungie to come up with their most vile creations. J When I thought I had rooted out the worst offenders, we opened it up to the public in the Beta where we discovered several more combinations to construct crude or racist emblems. Those were subsequently rooted out as well. And, some icons, I just plain wasn’t fond of so I swapped them out too.

# 6 - Stay a little more on this Beta and its menu, the pictures were different (colored), seemed more appropriate mainly on the menu, and the Matchmaking lobby looks better. I still remember the beautiful blue planet. Why have they been replaced ?
Between the Alpha and the release, we hired a new art lead, Aaron Lemay. The menu pictures were one of the design changes he requested. For everyone that prefers something the old way, though, you’ll find another that likes it the new way. It’s all a matter of aesthetic opinion.

The matchmaking globe should’ve remained the same, if I recall correctly, the only difference is that one was placed in Valhalla and the other was located in the Ark skybox. I haven’t looked at the beta in a long time.

# 7 - Some In-game details have also disappeared during the final release of the game (Spartan details, effect before the explosion of energy drain...) Their cuts were due to a matter of "Framerates/Optimization". Yet on the Beta, everything going well, right ?
Wow, so many questions about the differences between the beta and the release. ;o)
This is not my area of expertise, but I’ll be willing to bet you never tried to play the beta in quarter screen.

For the record, not all changes during the development cycle are done for performance reasons. Sometimes the designers tweak something that hinders playbility, sometimes artists tweak something to look better… it’s all about refining. Sometimes in order to get something really cool, you have to give up something less cool.

# 8 - The "buTube" will have a chance to get out before Halo 3: Odst ?
We have not announced any dates yet. Something of this magnitude takes a lot of effort.

# 9 - When Halo 3: Odst will be out. Recon armor will be available to everyone...
So, as the result, will the"Bungie" body be the new prize to covet ?

L0L. For the record, it will require some effort to get all of the vidmaster achievements. Some people are still struggling to get the Annual.

As far as the Bungie flames go, it reminds me of a story…
A long while back I was playing WoW and hit a technical glitch. I asked for some help from an admin. Shortly thereafter, the apparition of a Tauren Mage wearing blue robes appeared before me. When he was done helping me, he asked me if there was anything else he could help me with. That’s when I said, “Dude! Can I haz your gear?” He replied telling me that my desire for his official Blizzard admin gear could only have nefarious intentions and I might have better luck asking a police officer for his uniform & badge. From then on, all my instance drops were grizzled meat.

Okay, so I made the second half of that story up, but you get the picture.
Besides, the flames make it darn near impossible to win at Swat & snipers.

# 10 - Do we have the right to a sketch or details about the MainMenu of Halo 3: Odst ?
Exclusive: The main menu of Halo 3: ODST will predominantly feature an ODST as the focal object. You heard it here first, kids.

--- Thanks a lot ! :)
My pleasure.

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