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 Interview de Tobias S. Buckell (Originale)
posté Apr 22 2009, 17:19
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Ceci est la version originale (Anglaise) de notre interview avec Tobias S. Buckell.
Retrouvez la traduction à  cette page : Interview (FR)

1 - Can you tell us when did the Halo adventure start for you?

I was aware of the game back when it was first supposed to be an Apple game and was being talked about at one of the Macworlds. Then Bungie was purchased by MSFT. I remember thinking the demonstration of the game was pretty nifty.

The real adventure began when my Playstation 2 died a while back. My best friend had just gotten an Xbox 360 and it had the fantastic xbox live system that let you talk and play cooperatively with your friends. So he convinced me that this would be a lot of fun.

Once I had the Xbox, I purchased the Halo games and played them, but I really got hooked when Halo 3 came out and we played online frequently.

One of the fun things about being asked to write a Halo book was that I had a good excuse to go play through all the games again. My wife would come home and I'd be on the floor playing for hours and I'd say 'it's for research!'

2 - The Cole Protocol offers a brand new sight on the huge Halo universe: human Insurrectionists, pirates Kig-Yar and a deeper look on Thel 'Vadam (Halo 2 & 3 Arbiter). We also learn more about the Prophets, why they want humankind to be destroyed, some informations (I don't want to give any spoiler to our reader but you can I will just use some html code to hide them) are really surprising. How did you come with this idea? To show another aspect of the human/covenant war, totally different from the one we are used to was risky no?

Well, in the universe of Halo one of the things I found interesting was that we knew a lot about the motivations of various characters in the universe, and they're not always simple ones but complex ones. Dr. Halsey is unsure about what she's doing to these kids. Sometimes the Flood is a total enemy, but sometimes it teams up with you via a Gravemind to fight the Covenant. Sometimes you need the Covenant to fight the Gravemind. There are a lot of shifting alliances. There is the Covenant civil war, which puts the Arbiter on your side in Halo 2. All of this shows a deep and interesting universe where lots of people have lots of concurrent goals, and sometimes people have to put aside differences to fight a common enemy, or sometimes things change. This is what appealed to me about Halo as a gamer, it wasn't simplistic. There was depth to the background, the ongoing story, and the characters.

But I always felt the Insurrectionists got a short shrift. I mean, usually when people rebel, they have a set of reasons they believe they're rebelling for. Even if those aren't true, or are manufactured, people usually don't get all fired up to fight unless they perceive some sort of wrong has been done to them. So when I pitched the idea for The Cole Protocol, I thought the ramifications of The Cole Protocol, which make the UNSC extremely powerful and militaristic, while good for fighting the alien horde, would probably be resisted by all sorts of people. And that maybe some Insurrectionists were hard core terrorists, and others just citizens stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time and annoyed about it.

Since so many factions in the Halo universe had been given a strong, close look, I thought it would good to show the various kinds of Insurrectionists there were.

I was also intrigued by the idea of a civilian population caught behind enemy lines. It seemed to me that Insurrectionists, already militarized and ready to fight, would be most likely to survive.

3 - Fans were really surprised by the fact that The Cole Protocol has nearly four times as many chapters as the other Halo novels, was this use of short chapters a way increase the rythm of the story when everything is getting to an end?

I like short chapters! It's an author style thing, I think, for me. It keeps a rapid pace, I think, and keeps people thinking 'just one more and then I'll go to bed,' which always tricks you in the end. But mainly, I prefer to think and write short chapters because I can pack a lot of action and fun into each one.

4 - In Halo 2, Elites, leaded by the Arbiter Thel, turned their back on the Prophets, later joined the UNSC forces to fight their lies. In The Cole Protocol something is growing inside Thel's minds, some kind of respect towards humans fighting abilities. When Thel's friend, Zhar is worried at "some idea deep in his head", Thel simply answered him "You think too much, Zhar". Thel is not as the Arbiter we know in Halo 2 & 3 yet but we can feel the idea of human being ,after all and despite the Prophets lies, noble growing in his mind.
What is priority for you to develop Thel's character, to show Covenant's state of mind in this holy war?

Yes, a very cool part of the book was getting to show Thel up close. And I really wanted to sow the seeds of how he was going to become someone sympathetic to the human cause by Halo 2.

5 - What is your favorite Halo game? Favorite weapon? Vehicle? Character?

Halo 1 has the best storyline still for me. Dual SMGs are my favorite weapon. I hate the mongoose, as you might guess from one particular scene in The Cole Protocol, but I love the Warthog. My favorite character is Avery Johnson, for all the wisecracks.

6- Would you like to write another Halo novel?

Oh certainly!

7 - Tor Books recently announced a new Halo trilogy set in the time of the Forerunners and written by Greg Bear, what do you think about this?

Should be a lot of fun. Greg writes the greatest novels about ancient artifacts, he's a perfect author for this sort of thing. I look forward to seeing what he does.

8 - Is there another popular universe you would love to write for?

I'm a huge fan of Wolverine, I'd love doing a wolverine novel for Marvel L0L

9 - A message to the French fans?

Thanks for the interest. If you enjoyed the Halo stuff and like action and adventure in your SF/F with some depth and Caribbean background, my own original novel Crystal Rain is being translated by Telemaque for publishing in France. I'm not sure what the publish date is, but I can't wait for it!

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